We are excited to announce that in accordance with the Chamber Constitution, the Nomination Committee is calling for nominations by members for the Board of Directors for 2020 as outlined in Article 6.01-f.

Our nominating committee has been put together and established the process for the upcoming nominations. 

In an effort to ensure Transparency, we would like to recognize the members who have stepped up for this years nominating committee. 

  • Mike Lessard - Chair

  • David Suess 

  • Linda Leslie

  • Lyne Hyatt

  • Marianne Kidd

There are 12 positions which will be voted on according to the new By-Laws as per Article 4.01c.

  • Nominations may be submitted by any voting member in good standing as per Article 3.02.

  • Members may nominate more than one member. 

  • Following this nomination process, a ballot will be prepared and sent to all voting members.


In addition to this, we would like to announce the key dates that will be critical to the Nomination Process for 2020.

  1. January 16th – Nominations Open

  2. January 17th to February 18th - Nomination Process

  3. February 18th – Nominations close - Must be received at Chamber Office/via email by 4pm!

  4. February 19th – Nominations committee meets to review eligibility of nominees per the bylaws and finalize slate of nominees.

  5. February 21st – Slate of nominees communicated to membership.

  6. March 26th – 2019 & 2020 AGMs to be held


If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact myself, one of the Committee members or the Chamber Office directly. 



Don Zynomirski

President Dunnville Chamber of Commerce


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