Whether you're an individual, a business that just became a part of the community of Dunnville or one that's been around for years, we welcome you

to The Dunnville Chamber of Commerce and to the tight-knit community of Dunnville. We hope that you will consider becoming a part of the Chamber and joining us in helping to make Dunnville a better place! 

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Under the Dunnville Umbrella 

Word of Mouth.

Be one of the first companies to

get any future business referrals

when asked by members of the

community, all on behalf of the

Dunnville Chamber of Commerce.

We're also happy to display your business cards, brochures or promotional materials at the

Chamber office, ready for

distribution to any inquiring residents or tourists to the area.

Planning an event or sales promotion that you'd like people to know about? We'll help you

gain access to multiple effective channels to help get the word out for you! Bottom line, we've got your back.




Power of



Come Together.

Being a member of the Chamber

gives you invaluable access to meet and network with other local

business owners.

This provides the perfect

opportunity to learn about their

products and services as well as any successful business or marketing strategies that they

have implemented, while also promoting your own business.

At the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce, we feel there is a tremendous amount that we can

learn from one another. We're

thrilled to help provide the

outlets and events necessary

to make those connections.

Access to

our Group

Insurance Plan


Stay Protected.

Gain access to a flexible, competitively priced, stable and renewable Group Insurance Plan to ensure your business interests are covered.


Exceptional service and an escalated claims process are key benefits of this premium plan, provided in partnership with Tailored Financial Solutions.

To top it all off, you'll enjoy exclusive rates made available only to our valued  members of the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce. 

Preferred Rates on Payment Solutions


Keep Your Profits.

At the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce. we're all about helping your business grow! We want you to retain a larger share of your profits by helping you to reduce your payment processing terminal rates.

As a member, you'll receive exclusive rate pricing for your businesses' debit and credit card transactions.

Don't miss out on this exciting resource, brought to you by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and First Data.

Be in the Know.

When you become a member, you're automatically enrolled to receive our Business Newsletter.

This useful tool provides information on new business openings, the current happenings of established businesses and upcoming community events, which can act as the perfect marketing outlet!

We believe that knowledge is power, so whatever information we can provide to help your business succeed, we're happy to help with.

Grow Your Audience.

Have your business promoted on one of the most frequently accessed websites in the greater Haldimand County area.

We're happy to display your company logo or photo, your contact information and a detailed overview of the products or services you provide to the community.

Need frequent updates to handle your changing product lines or promotions? We've got you covered.






Shipping and Freight Rates


Get Smarter Coverage.

We want you to feel connected and protected in the off chance that something unusual arises.

As a Member, you'll receive access to Legal Assistance including Identity Theft, Will Preparation and Power of Attorney Benefits.

Enjoy legal coverage without the hassle and complexity, provided LegalShield.

Reduce Your Costs.

Members have access to some of the most competitive shipping

and freight rates available through our Purolator Members Benefit Program. 

We understand that shipping and receiving costs can often be a substantial burden for small or emerging businesses. Together, we'll do what we can to help change that.


E-Learning Available


Learn Your Strengths.

We strongly believe that it's never too late to learn something new! Whether it's a new tactic to bring to your business plan or a way of better understanding your customers, there is always something new to learn.

As a Member, we'll connect you with thousands of useful electronic courses, available right from the convenience of your own business or home. Certificate Programs are also available to help add even more distinction to the name of your trusted company. 

Have Your

Voice Heard



Expand Your Reach.

We know that as a business in a small community, it can sometimes feel like your voice is not being heard or that your business concerns are yours to go through alone.

When you decide to join us as a Member, you're not just getting a membership. You're getting an advocate. A friend in your corner.

We'll gladly listen to your suggestions or concerns and voice them to both the community and the county!

Did You Know? Consumers are 63% more likely to make a purchase from a Chamber Member. 

Don't delay! Join the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce today!

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